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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I am soooo excited about our upcoming Fall Sale!  Not only do I love the product- but profit goes to our girls!  Girls learn leadership skills, selling skills, financial literacy, marketing....while having a great time selling!  My favorite candies are the chocolate covered raisins and the chocolate covered toffee almonds.  The raisins are HUGE, juicy and sooo yummy!  The almonds are sweet, crunchy and coated in toffee.  

If you are not sure about having your Girl Scout participate- we make it easy.  You may choose any option below to participate.  Of course, we hope you do all 3 but choosing even 1 option will earn you girl $1 for her troop and 50 cents for her Service Unit!  Girls earn 10% of whatever they sell.  So what are you waiting for?  Get started today!!

Three ways to participate:

1.       Magazines, nuts, chocolates and more!
v  Take orders and payment up front for:
·         Hundreds of magazines (new subscriptions and renewals!)
·         Nuts and chocolates in pop top cans, collectable tins and gift boxes.

2.      Mail-in address booklets
v  Complete 11 addresses for family and friends.
v  Include a special note on the P.S. line to the person receiving the mailing.
v  Two mailings will be sent out using the information and giving the customer an opportunity to support GSMISTS with their magazine orders.

3.      Online orders and learning activity
v  Girls can access the online order program through They will first register and complete the interactive learning activity.
v  Girls will provide at least 12 names and email addresses of friends and family who many choose to make their magazine purchases online.
v  Two emails will be sent out one week apart. The first goes out immediately upon the completion of the online order program.
v  Girls should visit the online order program periodically to watch their sales progress.
v  Girls also have the option of signing up to have emails sent to alert them that a magazine order has been placed online.
v  Credit for incentives and troop funds are earned for magazine orders placed online by October 28.

v  No money to collect! No product to deliver! Easy! Fast! Fun!