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Friday, March 16, 2012

Community Cookie Booth Weekend ~ Troop Instructions


Community Cookie Booths are designed to accomplish the following goals:

1. Provide a venue for troops, especially those that have never hosted a cookie booth, to learn that it is a fun way to increase troop proceeds after the initial order.

2. Create visibility for our girls, our program, our council and the cookie sale program in local communities.

3. Partner with local media to send customers in to the streets to find cookie booths.

Thank you for signing up for a Community Cookie Booth!

Please remember the following important safety guidelines:

·         There must be at least two adults present with girls at all times.

·         Girls must be supervised and controlled at all times, including restroom trips.

·         The troop leader/volunteer in charge must have written permission for each girl to participate.  

·         Keep the money secure at all times.

·         Remember to watch all transactions as you will be responsible to pay for all cookies less than the starting inventory.

·         Make sure everyone eats before you arrive – do not plan to eat at your booth.

On the day of the Community Cookie Booth you will:

·         Bring change – Do not rely on the store location for change. Suggested amount is at least one roll of quarters, 20 ones, and 4 fives for a total of $50.00. If you have plastic grocery bags they are often helpful for bigger sales. If you accept a check please make sure to get the phone number and Drivers License number.

·         Please arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Be patient if the staff person is not on time – traffic and unexpected problems can happen. Leave some wiggle room in your schedule. Do not leave until you check-out with the staff person.

·         Dress for the weather, most locations are outside.

·         Have the girls make posters to bring or photo collages to show customers your troop activities.

·         Bring your goal poster!

·         Teach girls to ask each customer who buys cookies if they would like to buy a Gift of Caring box to donate to a local charity. The customer pays for the cookies but you will keep them to donate. The girls can give the cookies to who they choose. Keep Gift of Caring cookies in a separate place. The troop could decorate a box or basket to collect Gift of Caring packages.

·         Be a good role model and show the best possible image of Girl Scouts – you and the volunteers with you may never smoke near the booth or near girls. Do not curse, or yell at the girls. If a girl is behaving badly, call the parent to come and retrieve the child.

·         Follow all instructions from store staff without complaining.

·         Remember it is not a right to have a booth. Allowing us to be there is a big favor the store is doing for us.

·         Count and sign for the cookies at the start of your booth. Count and sign for the number left at the end of the booth. Pay $2.85 for each box difference. Earn $.65 per package sold.

·         A Girl Scout leaves a place cleaner than she found it.

·         Questions before the day of the sale: Contact Jered (Grand Rapids) 616-784-3341 X 124, Sally (Muskegon) 231-744-4774 x 202 and Deb (Traverse City) 231-947-7354, 

There will be GSMISTS staff members checking troops in and out. 
If you need more cookies or have a problem ask your check-in GSMISTS Staff Contact first. 

Secondary, contact your nearest service center
Grand Rapids Service Center: 616-784-3341
Muskegon Service Center: 231-744-4774
Traverse City Service Center: 231-947-7354

Community Cookie Booth FAQs
Will troops be responsible for unsold cookies on Community Booth Day? No. the troop will schedule a block of time at a specific location. They will bring at least two adults, a signed permission form for each girl and money to make change. The cookies, a table and a sign will be there for them.

How much will troops earn at the Community Cookie Booth Day? Troops will earn $.65 per package of cookies sold. At the end of their time block they will inventory cookies, calculate the difference between the starting number and the ending number. The troop will pay $2.85 for the number of packages difference. (Yes, this means if they made an error they will still pay for the cookies that are gone.) The troop will leave with proceeds in hand.

Will cookies sold at the Community Booth Day be used to calculate incentives for the girls that attend? No. The cookies sold on March 17 & 18 will not count towards incentives or cookie dough.  Booths held after delivery starts will count towards girl incentives and cookie dough.

Can troops sell Gift of Caring boxes during Community Booth Day? Yes, troops can suggest that customers purchase additional cookies to donate to a Gift of Caring charity or suggest Gift of Caring purchases for those with dietary or health issues.

Why are there no booths scheduled in small towns? This project relies on staff to be responsible for the cookie inventory and there are not enough staff to be in every small town. Travel time is also a consideration.

Happy Selling!!!!  J