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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Super Sellers from Fall Product Sale

I want to send a shout-out to all of our AMAZING Super Sellers! This year, we had 53 girls who sold $500+ worth of Fall Product. WOW! The following girls are this year's Super Sellers: Alice, Alison, Alison, Alyse, Alyssa, Amanda, Amber, Anna, Autumn, Brandy, Brooke, Cassy, Caydence, Cherokee, Delaney, Elena, Emily, Emily, Emma, Emma, Grace, Greenlee, Hallie, Hannah, Jamie, Jasmine, Jessica, Jordan, Kaitlyn, Katelon, Katelyn, Keanna, Krista, Lane, Lexi, Linnea, Madeline, Madison, Madison, Marissa, Megan, Morgan, Natalee, Olivia, Olivia, Rachel, Rachel, Riley, Riley, Sonja, Stephanie, Sydney, Victoria & Zoe. Way to go, girls!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Leftover Fall Product = Awesome opportunity for Girl Scouts!

GSMISTS has leftover Fall Product from booth sales available for troops and individual girls. Pick up product from any GSMISTS Service Center and your troop can earn a profit of $2 per can! You heard that right.... $2 per can goes back to your troop! Feel free to set up your own booth sale or purchase product for upcoming holiday gifts. Contact myself or your nearest Retail & Product Sales Manager to take advantage of this special offer!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Grand Rapids Fall Booth Sale Opportunity

We have an excellent opportunity for a Fall Booth Sale next week. The Seidman Center at 139 Crofton SE, GR 49507 (Boys & Girls Club) is allowing troops to sell onsite 11 AM-5 PM, Monday-Wednesday, Dec.19-21. GSMISTS has already sent over a special flyer that will go home to parents about the sale.

Since booth sales are done- we are offering troops a special kickback of $2 per can of whatever is sold! You heard that right--- troops receive $2 for each can of nuts/candy that they sell! If your troop is looking to earn money- please contact me asap as these spots will go quickly.

If your troop is available over the holiday break for these days- contact me at: or call 616-784-3341 x 142.